Petit Advocate is the result of two moms looking for an intentional, fun, and thought provoking sensory kit. We started with a kit to celebrate LGBT Pride month and we plan to have a good mix of traditional themes and out of the box themes, pun intended.
We will donate a portion of the proceeds from every box to charities that correspond to each kit’s theme. Our kits include homemade sensory dough, intentionally selected contents, and a commitment to limit the amount of plastic used in each box. Our boxes will also celebrate diversity by using figurines that are people of color and women.
Our goal is simple, create quality kits that encourage sensory play and create an opportunity to foster our kids’ emotional intelligence. We want our kits to be as diverse as our families.
Between our two families, we come from 3 different states, the Midwest, the West Coast, the South, 2 countries, and we speak 3 different languages. We are Latinx, French, White and Black. Our families consist of veterans, immigrants, lesbians, and allies. We want our kits to be reflective of all families and we want our children to be petit advocates!